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Slovenian is the official language of Slovenia. The Slovenians call their language ‘Slovenšèina’. The language is related to Croatian and Serbian and falls under the southern Slavic languages. The language is spoken by approximately 2.3 million people.

Are you planning to move to Slovenia or to work there, or do you have some other reason for wanting your documents translated into or from Slovenian? Slovenian language translation bureau Urgent Vertalen will be pleased to translate your documents from Slovenian to Dutch or vice versa.

A sworn Slovenian translator is ready and waiting to be of assistance to you

Do you need a sworn translation of your official documents? Then with The Hague's leading Slovenian language translation bureau you are at the right address.

We are an accredited Slovenian translation bureau. Sending us a scan of your documents is sufficient for us to perform your sworn Slovenian translation. We can either perform a sworn Slovenian translation of your Dutch document or translate your Dutch document into Slovenian.

A sworn translation in 3 steps

  • You send us a scan of your documents via email

    Just sending a scan or photo of your documents is sufficient. We will then send you a quotation for the sworn translation of your documents.

  • The translation is performed for you without delay

    The translation bears the seal, signature and declaration of the sworn translator; a copy of your documents is then attached to the translation. Your translation is performed in accordance with the guidelines for sworn translation.

  • Translation delivered to you before 10.00 the following work day

    Delivery by regular mail + a digital copy via email. If you wish to be certain that your translation will arrive the following work day, opt for express delivery at a slightly higher price.

Why choose Urgent Vertalen for your sworn translation?

No urgency surcharge

We can often deliver a (certified) translation to you within 24 hours, with no “urgency surcharge”.

Qualified native speaker translators

Our translations are performed by qualified native speaker translators of the target language.

Save 36.8% on average

Feel free to compare our proposal with another translation agency’s, and draw your own conclusion.

100% satisfaction guarantee

With every translation you benefit from our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

No urgency surcharge


Save 36.8%
on average

100% satisfaction guarantee

We can often deliver a (certified) translation to you within 24 hours, with no “urgency surcharge”.

Our translations are performed by qualified native speaker translators of the target language.


Feel free to compare our proposal with another translation agency’s, and draw your own conclusion.


With every translation you benefit from our 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Legalization of your Slovenian translation

It can happen that your sworn Slovenian translation will also need to be legalised for the country where you wish to use it. We have set out what is needed for a legalization on a country by country basis.

Urgent Vertalen’s legalization service

Translation bureau Urgent Vertalen offers the service of having your sworn translation legalised. Our translation bureau is situated at a strategic location in The Hague, between all the bodies that have to be visited for your legalization. This means that we are able to perform the entire legalization for you at a low price.

A regular translation into or from Slovenian

Naturally translations into or from Slovenian do not always need to be sworn translations; it may be that you want something translated into or from Slovenian for yourself. This might be for example a website, blog, leaflet, or even a love letter. We only work with qualified native speaker Slovenian translators, who look forward to being of service to you.

A fast Slovenian translation

The name says it all: Slovenian language translation bureau Urgent vertalen. Because we perform Slovenian translations on a daily basis, whether sworn or regular, we have an extensive team of Slovenian translators at your service.

Because our team of Slovenian translators is so large and diverse we can perform your Slovenian translation fast, at a highly competitive price.

Slovenian translation bureau with 100% satisfaction guarantee

Because we select the translator carefully on the basis of your document you are assured of a completely accurate translation. Given that we fully guarantee the accuracy of our translation we are also prepared to accept the consequences if your translation should not be correct.

If you are not satisfied with your translation then we will simply refund your money!

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Why choose Urgent Vertalen for your legalizations?

A translation from Dutch into Slovenian is always performed by a translator who is a Slovenian native speaker. Moreover all our translators are translation graduates at bachelor level or higher.

Every text is unique, so we look at the type of text involved in each translation assignment. We believe it is only right that a native speaker translator who possesses sufficient experience of your professional terminology should perform your translation. So a technical Dutch to Slovenian translator will never be given a legal document to translate. This is one reason why you can depend on us to deliver a good translation between Slovenian and Dutch.

As a translation bureau we translate brochures, CVs, correspondence and handbooks on a daily basis. These translations are always performed carefully by one of our native speaker translators. We don't just specialise in Dutch to Slovenian translation. Our translation bureau also frequently handles other language combinations such as Spanish to Slovenian or English to Slovenian.

Many of our new and existing clients, such as government bodies, international businesses and private individuals need an urgent translation of for example a diploma, deed, passport or job application into or from Slovenian. As a Slovenian language translation bureau we offer you and our existing clients our fixed competitive tariffs, with no additional so called "urgency surcharge”.

If you are not satisfied with your translation then we will simply refund your money to you!

  • You save time and effort.
  • You don’t need to take a day off work to visit the various official bodies.
  • You don’t need to keep driving back to The Hague, so you save on travel costs.
  • Urgent Vertalen is an expert in the legalization of your documentation and is always up to speed on the latest rules relating to legalization. This means you won’t be confronted by any nasty surprises when you visit the various bodies involved.
  • Once your certified translation is finished we can start the whole legalization process immediately, meaning that the legalization will be completed sooner.
  • The documentation will be sent to you in traceable form. This way you will know precisely when you can expect to receive your legalised documents.

Some interesting facts about the Slovenian language

The development of written Slovenian

The current form of Slovenian is written using the Latin alphabet, with a few added letters. The development of written Slovenian began with the Bohorič script. Finally it was Ljudevit Gaj who developed the current script and Stanko Vraz developed the first book written in the Gaj script in 1839.

Bohorič script

Prior to today’s script by Ljudevit Gaj various alphabets were used in Slovenia. It began with the Bohorič script. Adam Bohorič was a Slovenian language expert and his script was used from the 16th to the 19th century. There were only a few differences from today’s Slovenian script.

Metelko script

In 1825 the priest Fran Metelko believed it was time for a different alphabet from the Bohorič script. The script was based on the German system, which is what persuaded Metelko to develop a new script.

The script that Metelko developed was felt to be cumbersome because it used a separate letter for every sound. This meant that there were so many letters that the script was difficult to use in practice. In 1833 the Metelko script was banned by the government.

Dajnko script

The Dajnko alphabet was based on the Metelko script, but much simpler. It was developed in 1824 by the priest Peter Dajnko. Together with four others Dajnko published approximately 50,000 copies of a textbook on the script. Finally this script was also banned, in 1838.

Gaj script

Today’s Slovenian script is based on the work of the Croat Ljudevit Gaj. He reformed the Latin alphabet for Croatian and was inspired by the Czech alphabet. Certain people, including Stanko Vraz, joined forces with Gaj.

They shared the same opinion; they all felt that the Croats and Slovenians hardly differed from each other. So an alphabet was developed which would contribute to bringing the southern Slavic peoples together, and later all Slavic peoples. With this in mind the script was spread throughout the Slovenian crown territories.

Slovenian is one of the oldest written Slavic languages

The oldest written Slovenian documents are the Freisinger manuscripts. The precise date of these religious documents is not known but it is said that they were written in the 9th century.

This makes them one of the oldest written texts among the Slavic languages. The documents were discovered in Freising, in Germany. The texts have now been preserved in the Bavarian State Library in Munich since 1803. They have only been exhibited once in Slovenia, in 2004.

5 interesting facts about Slovenia

  • More than half of the land area of Slovenia is forested, namely 58%. This makes Slovenia one of the greenest countries in Europe, after Sweden and Finland.
  • Nearly every resident of Slovenia has their own vegetable garden.
  • The Lippizaner horses originate from Slovenia. They come from the small village of Lipica. The Lippizaner is a horse breed that is very popular in Spanish horsemanship.
  • All Slovenian houses have their meter cabinet on the outside of the house.
  • The houses in Slovenia are very colourful. Above all the colours yellow, white, orange and red are popular.