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After Chinese, English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. There are a variety of “types” of English.

Most translations are currently to or from British or American English. Many international organisations have a preference for using the English language.

Even though many people are able to speak reasonable to good English this does not mean they can claim to be a (good) English translator. A translation from Dutch to English or from English to Dutch doesn't just need to be grammatically correct; the sentences also need to flow perfectly.

A sworn English translator is ready and waiting to be of assistance to you

Do you need a sworn translation of your official documents? Then with The Hague's leading English language translation bureau you are at the right address.

We are an accredited English translation bureau. Sending us a scan of your documents is sufficient for us to perform your sworn English translation. We can either perform a sworn English translation of your Dutch document or translate your Dutch document into English.

A sworn translation in 3 steps

  • You send us a scan of your documents via email

    Just sending a scan or photo of your documents is sufficient. We will then send you a quotation for the sworn translation of your documents.

  • The translation is performed for you without delay

    The translation bears the seal, signature and declaration of the sworn translator; a copy of your documents is then attached to the translation. Your translation is performed in accordance with the guidelines for sworn translation.

  • Translation delivered to you before 10.00 the following work day

    Free delivery by regular mail + a digital copy via email. If you wish to be certain that your translation will arrive the following work day, opt for express delivery at a slightly higher price.

Why choose Urgent Vertalen for your sworn translation?

No urgency surcharge

We can often deliver a (certified) translation to you within 24 hours, with no “urgency surcharge”.

Qualified native speaker translators

Our translations are performed by qualified native speaker translators of the target language.

Save 36.8% on average

Feel free to compare our proposal with another translation agency’s, and draw your own conclusion.

100% satisfaction guarantee

With every translation you benefit from our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

No urgency surcharge


Save 36.8%
on average

100% satisfaction guarantee

We can often deliver a (certified) translation to you within 24 hours, with no “urgency surcharge”.

Our translations are performed by qualified native speaker translators of the target language.


Feel free to compare our proposal with another translation agency’s, and draw your own conclusion.


With every translation you benefit from our 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Legalization of your English translation

It can happen that your sworn English translation will also need to be legalised for the country where you wish to use it. We have set out what is needed for a legalization on a country by country basis.

Urgent Vertalen’s legalization service

Translation bureau Urgent Vertalen offers the service of having your sworn translation legalised. Our translation bureau is situated at a strategic location in The Hague, between all the bodies that have to be visited for your legalization. This means that we are able to perform the entire legalization for you at a low price.

A regular translation into or from English

Naturally translations into or from English do not always need to be sworn translations; it may be that you want something translated into or from English for yourself. This might be for example a website, blog, leaflet, or even a love letter. We only work with qualified native speaker English translators, who look forward to being of service to you.

A fast English translation

The name says it all: English language translation bureau Urgent vertalen. Because we perform English translations on a daily basis, whether certified or regular, we have an extensive team of English translators at your service.

Because our team of English translators is so large and diverse we can perform your English translation fast, at a highly competitive price.

English translation bureau with 100% satisfaction guarantee

Because we select the translator carefully on the basis of your document you are assured of a completely accurate translation. Given that we fully guarantee the accuracy of our translation we are also prepared to accept the consequences if your translation should not be correct.

If you are not satisfied with your translation then we will simply refund your money!

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Why choose Urgent Vertalen for your legalizations?

A translation from Dutch into English is always performed by a translator who is a English native speaker. Moreover all our translators are translation graduates at bachelor level or higher.

Every text is unique, so we look at the type of text involved in each translation assignment. We believe it is only right that a native speaker translator who possesses sufficient experience of your professional terminology should perform your translation. So a technical Dutch to English translator will never be given a legal document to translate. This is one reason why you can depend on us to deliver a good translation between English and Dutch.

As a translation bureau we translate brochures, CVs, correspondence and handbooks on a daily basis. These translations are always performed carefully by one of our native speaker translators. We don't just specialise in Dutch to English translation. Our translation bureau also frequently handles other language combinations such as Spanish to English or English to Bosnian .

Many of our new and existing clients, such as government bodies, international businesses and private individuals need an urgent translation of for example a diploma, deed, passport or job application into or from English. As a English language translation bureau we offer you and our existing clients our fixed competitive tariffs, with no additional so called "urgency surcharge”.

If you are not satisfied with your translation then we will simply refund your money to you!

  • You save time and effort.
  • You don’t need to take a day off work to visit the various official bodies.
  • You don’t need to keep driving back to The Hague, so you save on travel costs.
  • Urgent Vertalen is an expert in the legalization of your documentation and is always up to speed on the latest rules relating to legalization. This means you won’t be confronted by any nasty surprises when you visit the various bodies involved.
  • Once your certified translation is finished we can start the whole legalization process immediately, meaning that the legalization will be completed sooner.
  • The documentation will be sent to you in traceable form. This way you will know precisely when you can expect to receive your legalised documents.

About the English language

The influence of English in the Netherlands

Approximately 92% of Dutch citizens have English as their second language. English has an enormous influence in the Netherlands. The liberation by Americans and Canadians, and the English language developments such as the arrival of the computer, have a positive influence within the Netherlands. English terms are incorporated into the Dutch language and are not translated, because no Dutch translation for them exists. These untranslatable words mean that Dutch is growing increasingly closer to English. English is an official language in St. Eustatius and Saba. In Amsterdam and St. Maarten English is an official second language. This means that non-Dutch speakers in Amsterdam can submit returns and documents in English, and that English is spoken on public transport.

English is taught from primary school onwards. Moreover an increasing number of Dutch schools offer bilingual education.

English as a world language

Modern English is, at least within Europe, the most important international language for communication, science, air travel, entertainment, tourism, diplomacy and business. The language has grown to become a world language. English is the mother tongue of approximately 500 million people. Approximately two billion people use English as either their mother tongue or second language. English has become the lingua franca (the language that is used as a common means of communication between people of different mother tongues) in many parts of the world. It is the preferred language of many international organisations. And it is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. The countries where English is an official language include Australia, Belize, New Zealand, Nigeria, Canada, Ireland, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Little connection between pronunciation and spelling

English is a compulsory exam subject within Dutch secondary education. English comprises a total of approximately 500,000 words. The reason there are so many words is because there are frequently multiple words for one concept. For example freedom and liberty both mean 'vrijheid' in Dutch. In English there is little connection between pronunciation and spelling (deep orthografy). Forty sounds can be spelled in 1120 different ways.

English as a popular language

For image purposes more and more English words are used and more and more new concepts are given English names. You often hear this anglicisation in English titles of Dutch TV programmes such as “Life 4 you”, “So you can dance” and “Close Up”. English words are also used regularly in Dutch advertisements and English is sometimes the only language used in whole advertisements. English language songs are also regularly use to create an atmosphere in Dutch advertisements.

English language during meetings

It is striking that senior managers of major Dutch companies barely use Dutch any more for internal communication purposes. English is taking over from Dutch here. On the work floor everyone speaks their own mother tongue but once they enter a meeting room everyone easily switches to speaking English. A good knowledge of English is essential in business if you wish to profile yourself on the international employment market.

Dialects and accents

Spoken English has changed greatly since the high point of the British colonisation of America. Given that English was not a uniform language at that time American English contains traces of a variety of English dialects. American English also contains a variety of different dialects and accents which vary from state to state. Very few Americans are willing to give up their own accent, so differences in pronunciation are to be found everywhere.

General American

During the 20th century a general, universal accent has developed in the United States, known as General American. American spelling is clearly different from British spelling. American spelling is phonetic and simple. This is subject to informal adaptation due to the language of young people, advertising and the internet.

English translation bureau

Many handbooks are written in English. In order to enable everyone to understand them our English translation bureau can translate these instructions and technical terminology into Dutch for a Dutch target group. Urgent Vertalen uses Dutch native speakers for translating from English into Dutch. For translations from Dutch into English the translators are English native speakers. This way we are able to offer you the highest possible level of quality.