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Italian is one of the so-called Romance languages. This means that Italian is related to Spanish, French, and a number of other languages. The language is derived from Latin. Some 66 million people speak Italian and it ranks twentieth on the list of the most widely spoken languages. Italian is an official language in four countries within the European Union. Modern day standard Italian is derived from the dialect in the area around Florence, but other dialects exist as well. Are you intending to live or work in Italy? Or do you need a Dutch to Italian or Italian to Dutch translation for some other reason? Italian language translation bureau Urgent Vertalen will be pleased to translate your documents into or from Italian.

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Completely reliable. Strict security and confidentiality in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard applies to every translation job.

Strict security and confidentiality according to ISO 27001.
In addition to the Privacy Act (AVG), we have all signed a confidentiality agreement. Urgent Vertalen is one of the few translation agencies that, in addition to ISO 9001 quality management and ISO 17100 translation services, is also certified for the ISO 27001 information security standard. As a result, our processes meet very strict requirements on the basis of security, among other things, to provide extra protection for your documentation and data.

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Completely reliable. Strict secrecy according to ISO 27001 applies to every translation job.

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A sworn Italian translation for your official documents

A sworn translation from Italian to Dutch or Dutch to Italian is provided by a sworn translator at our Italian translation agency. A sworn translator is in possession of a completed translation training at HBO level and is authorized to officially translate an official document such as a deed, diploma, Chamber of Commerce extract or birth certificate.

italiaans vertaalbureau

ISO 9001, ISO 17100 and ISO 27001 certified

Swearings and legalizations

Super fast and best price

Your translation in 3 easy steps

step 1

send us a scan of your documents by email

step 2

The translation is performed for you without delay

step 3

You will receive the translation by e-mail and if a sworn translation also the original by post or courier

een beedigde vertaling italiaans voor uw officiele documenten

Legalization of your Italian translation

It can happen that your sworn Italian translation will also need to be legalised for the country where you wish to use it. We have set out what is needed for a legalization on a country by country basis. Translation bureau Urgent Vertalen offers the service of having your sworn translation legalised. Our translation bureau is situated at a strategic location in The Hague, between all the bodies that have to be visited for your legalization. This means that we are able to perform the entire legalization for you at a low price.

What our customers say

“The speed with which my case was done was amazing. Everything was sent by email and within a day it was translated back in my mailbox. Grandiose!!! ”


“The speed with which my case was done was amazing. Everything was sent by email and within a day it was translated back in my mailbox. Grandiose!!! ”


“The speed with which my case was done was amazing. Everything was sent by email and within a day it was translated back in my mailbox. Grandiose!!! ”


“The speed with which my case was done was amazing. Everything was sent by email and within a day it was translated back in my mailbox. Grandiose!!! ”



1927 customers rate us on average with a 9.5/10

More information

Why choose Urgent Vertalen for your legalizations?

A regular translation into or from Italian

Naturally translations into or from Italian do not always need to be sworn translations; it may be that you want something translated into or from Italian for yourself. This might be for example a website, blog, leaflet, or even a love letter. We only work with qualified native speaker Italian translators, who look forward to being of service to you.

A fast Italian translation

The name says it all: Italian language translation bureau Urgent vertalen. Because we perform Italian translations on a daily basis, whether sworn or regular, we have an extensive team of Italian translators at your service. Because our team of Italian translators is so large and diverse we can perform your Italian translation fast, at a highly competitive price.

Italian translation bureau with 100% satisfaction guarantee

Because we select the translator carefully on the basis of your document you are assured of a completely accurate translation. Given that we fully guarantee the accuracy of our translation we are also prepared to accept the consequences if your translation should not be correct. If you are not satisfied with your translation then we will simply refund your money!

Native-speaker translators

We, as an Italian translation agency, not only believe that our sworn translators must meet strict admission requirements. A translator from Dutch to Italian and Italian to Dutch who is not sworn must also have completed translation training at a minimum of HBO level and demonstrable experience.

A Italian translator for every type of professional terminology

Every text is unique, which is why the type of text is carefully examined with every translation assignment. We take it for granted that there is always a native-speaker translator who has sufficient experience in your professional jargon to work on your translation. A technical Dutch to Italian translator will never work with a legal document. Partly because of this, you can rely on a good translation from Italian to Dutch.

Specialized Italian Translators

As a translation agency from Dutch to Italian, we provide translations of brochures, Curriculum Vitae, letters and manuals on a daily basis. This is always carefully translated by one of our Italian native-speaker translators. We are not only specialized in translations from Dutch to Italian. Language combinations, such as Spanish into Italian and French into Italian, are also common at our Dutch Italian translation agency.

An urgent translation, with no urgency surcharge

Many of our existing, but also new clients, such as government institutions, international companies and private individuals, urgently need a translation of, for example, a diploma, deed, passport or application letter from or into Italian. We, as an Italian translation agency, offer you and our regular clients our fixed competitive rates, even without a so-called “urgency surcharge” on top of our rates.

Urgent Vertalen’s legalization service

Why choose Urgent Vertalen’s legalization service? You save time and effort. You don’t have to take a day off to visit all agencies. You do not have to make the journey to and from The Hague a number of times, you will save on your travel costs. Translation agency Urgent Vertalen is an expert in legalizing your documentation and is always aware of the latest legalization rules. You will therefore not be faced with unpleasant surprises at authorities. After your sworn translation is ready, we can immediately start with the entire legalization, so that the legalized document is ready faster. You will receive your documentation traceable. This way you know exactly when you will receive your legalized documents.

About the Italian language

Italian is the mother tongue of approximately 60 million Italians, outside of Italy approximately 15 million people speak Italian, which equates to 75 million people who use Italian as their primary language. Outside of Italy, Italian is mainly used in Switzerland, San Marino and Vatican City. Unlike the other Romance languages ​​such as French, Portuguese and Spanish, Italian is not widespread in the world, mainly because Italy has colonized few parts of the world, unlike France, Portugal and Spain. The Italian language is spoken outside of Europe in some cities in Brazil, Argentina and the United States, brought by immigrants from Italy. In the United States, for example, many cities have a “Little Italy”, a neighborhood dominated by Italians and the culture and cuisine they bring with them. Also in Europe there are several areas such as in Wallonia and the Ruhr area where Italian is still used, albeit as a second language, due to the labor migration of the 20th century.

The origin of the Italian language

The oldest surviving texts written in Italian date from the 10th century. However, many more texts have survived from the 14th century, such as the works of famous poets Dante Alighieri, Petrarch and Boccaccio. These three poets are considered the founders of Italian literature.

Italian dialects

The different dialects spoken in Italy are not derived from standard Italian. Standard Italian is itself a derivative of the dialect spoken in Tuscany in the 14th century, mainly in Florence. Tuscan is again derived from Vulgar Latin, which is the spoken version of Latin. The different Italian dialects are very different from standard Italian. Before the advent of the mass media, it was difficult for many Italians to understand each other. Everyone spoke their own local dialect. In parts of Sardinia, dialects are spoken that are very similar to the dialects of the Italian mainland. These dialects are considered to be separate languages ​​for cultural reasons. The authentic dialects of Sardinia, for example Logudoreese, should be considered as separate languages. Examples of dialects or languages ​​are Romanesco (language of Rome), Lumbaart (Lombardian), Napulitano (Neapolitan), Siculu (Sicilian), Liguru (Ligurian), Sardu (Sardinian), Piemonteis (Piedmontese), Veneto (Venetian), Mudnes ( Modenese), Bulgnais (Bolognese), Furlan (Friulian). English popular language For image reasons, more and more English words are used and more and more new terms are named in English. You often hear this Anglicization with English titles of Dutch TV programs, “Life 4 you”, “So you can dance” and “Close Up”. English words are also regularly used in Dutch advertisements and there are even complete advertisements in which only the English language is used. English-language songs are regularly added to Dutch advertising for the atmosphere indication. Worldwide, Italian has official status in four countries. Most speakers live in Italy itself, Italian is also an official language in Switzerland, San Marino and Vatican City. Unlike other Romance languages ​​such as French, Spanish and Portuguese, Italian has no worldwide distribution. In small parts of Slovenia and Croatia, Italian is a recognized minority language. Italian is spoken in small parts of France, Monaco and Malta. Due to colonial ties, there are also a small number of Italian speakers in Libya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Albania, and Dodecanese (Greece). Today, all over the world, there are several loanwords that come from Italian. Especially from the culinary world and the music world, people often use words that have become so self-evident that you would almost forget that it is Italian. Words such as cappuccino, espresso, macaroni, pasta, pizza and spaghetti are words that are used almost daily all over the world, so Italian cuisine is very accessible and popular. Italy is also a country where much classical music has its origins with well-known composers such as Vivaldi, Verdi and Puccini. A large number of words therefore come from the Italian language, such as A capella, cello, piano and sonata. In short, the Italian language is not as big as the other Romance languages ​​such as Spanish and Portuguese, but it does have its influence on other languages.

over de italiaanse taal
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