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  • Translating a diploma and list of grades

    Do you need your diploma and list of grades translated, because you are planning to live, work or study abroad? Let us translate directly.

    Do you need your diploma and list of grades translated, because you are planning to live, work or study abroad? Then it is very likely that you need a certified translation of your diploma, list of grades and any appendices. Translating your diploma and list of marks is quickly arranged at translation agency Urgent Vertalen. We translate a diploma and list of marks every day sworn to the satisfaction of our customers. We understand better than anyone that this is about your career and that your diploma and list of marks must be translated flawlessly. A diploma and list of marks often contain abbreviations of completed subjects. Your document will at all times be translated so that each abbreviation is clear to the reader.

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    Completely reliable. Strict security and confidentiality in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard applies to every translation job.

    Strict security and confidentiality according to ISO 27001.
    In addition to the Privacy Act (AVG), we have all signed a confidentiality agreement. Urgent Vertalen is one of the few translation agencies that, in addition to ISO 9001 quality management and ISO 17100 translation services, is also certified for the ISO 27001 information security standard. As a result, our processes meet very strict requirements on the basis of security, among other things, to provide extra protection for your documentation and data.

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    Completely reliable. Strict secrecy according to ISO 27001 applies to every translation job.

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    Translating a diploma and list of grades

    You can contact Urgent Vertalen with all kinds of diplomas and lists of marks. Our certified native speaker translators translate on a daily basis such items as: secondary school diplomas, vocational education diplomas, professional qualification diplomas and university graduation diplomas. Besides the certified translation of a diploma and/or list of grades we are also experienced for example in the certified translation of certificates, portfolio certificates or a certificate covering the (partial) completion of a course. We also perform a lot of certified translations of registration documents, which are often requested by French universities. All our certified translations count as official documents within the Netherlands and bear the required signature and seal of the certified translator

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    ISO 9001, ISO 17100 and ISO 27001 certified

    Swearings and legalizations

    Super fast and for the best price

    Your translation in 3 easy steps

    step 1

    Send us the text that needs to be translated per email, in Word or PDF format, or send us a scan or picture.

    step 2

    Your translation will be quickly made for you by a professional (sworn) translator.

    step 3

    You will receive your translation by email and, in case you requested a sworn translation, also by direct mail or courier.

    altijd een professionele vertaling van uw diploma

    An urgent translation of your diploma and list of grades without “urgency surcharge”

    You needurgently need a translation of your diploma and list of marks. Many translation bureaus charge an urgency surcharge for translating diplomas and lists of grades faster than normal. Urgent Vertalen does not do this. With us you can always count on highly competitive prices, perfect quality and rapid delivery of every translation. So do you need an urgent translation of your diploma and list of grades? Then don’t wait a minute longer and take it as soon as possible contact with us.

    What our clients are saying

    “Urgent Vertalen occasionally translates tender and quotation texts for us for French and English quotations that we draw up for our customers. Every time they do it spot-on, on all fronts. Urgent Vertalen is fast, flexible, good and they think along with me.”


    “We quickly received a quote for the pages we wanted translated and immediately received a response when some things needed to be changed. Due to urgency, the documents were sent with DHL Express and we already received them the next day! That was really nice.”


    “They are super fast and professional. They helped me with some extra information and have a handy online system for signing quotes. Everything went super fast and smoothly and I received the translations within a few days. Absolutely perfect!”


    “I have already had documents translated at Urgent Vertalen twice. They are really nice and available. The documents are quickly translated and sent to my home.”

    Romana Fasoli


    Rated 9.6/10 on average by our 2200+ clients

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    Everything you need to know about Legal translations

    A translation of your diploma and list of grades at a competitive tariff

    Not only will we translate your diploma and list of grades at a highly competitive price; we also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning that you will always be more than satisfied with our translation. Because your diploma and list of grades need a certified translation we will give you a quotation, free of obligation, based on the time taken by the translator to translate your diploma and list of grades. Given that these documents are not all the same, we believe it is only fair that you should pay for the size of your own diploma and list of grades, and not on the basis of a price per page. After all you do not wish to pay any more than you need to, do you? Have your diploma and list of grades translated today by The Hague’s leading translation bureau.

    Your diploma and list of grades can be translated into any language

    For example, we translate a diploma and list of marks from the Dutch to the German, French or Spanish. We also provide sworn translations from, for example,English, Italian or Japanese To the dutch. Any language is welcome at our translation agency. We only work with translators who have completed a translation course at HBO level or higher and who are also native speakers of the target language. This way you are always assured of a correct translation. NB! An authority is often satisfied with a sworn translation from or into English. We therefore advise you to check this in advance.

    Urgent Vertalen is keen to talk with you about all your translation needs

    The certified translations , that translation agency Urgent Vertalen provides are at all times officially recognized translations within the Netherlands. If you need your translation for foreign purposes, it may be necessary your certified translation legalised. In addition to translating your diploma and list of marks, you can also go for, for example: only a diploma, only a list of marks, a contract, your application letter or a CV.

    Would you like to receive a proposal from Translation Agency Urgent Vertalen?

    We would like to receive a legible and unedited scan of your diploma and/or list of marks, of which you would like a sworn translation. If you do not have a scanner then you can also photograph your document. Please state your name and telephone number, and the language that you would like your diploma and list of grades translated into. We will then contact you as soon as possible with a quotation, free of obligation

    een voorstel ontvangen voor een vertaling van een cijferlijst
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