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Have your text translated Dutch – Farsi (Persian). Translate from or to Farsi – Often within 24 hours

Do you need a translation from or into Farsi and do you want the guarantee that it is done correctly? if translation agency Farsi we translate your document quickly and with guarantee. You always benefit from our money-back guarantee, our speed and the fact that we are on average 36.8% cheaper compared to other translation agencies. Request a quote directly or read on.

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Completely reliable. Strict security and confidentiality in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard applies to every translation job.

Strict security and confidentiality according to ISO 27001.
In addition to the Privacy Act (AVG), we have all signed a confidentiality agreement. Urgent Vertalen is one of the few translation agencies that, in addition to ISO 9001 quality management and ISO 17100 translation services, is also certified for the ISO 27001 information security standard. As a result, our processes meet very strict requirements on the basis of security, among other things, to provide extra protection for your documentation and data.

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Completely reliable. Strict secrecy according to ISO 27001 applies to every translation job.

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A sworn Farsi translation for your official documents

Do you have a sworn translation need your official documents? Then you have come to the right place at the Farsi translation agency in The Hague. We are a recognized Farsi translation agency. Sending a scan of your documents is sufficient to make your sworn Farsi translation. We can provide you with a Farsi sworn translation of your Dutch document as well as of your Dutch documents into Farsi.

farsi vertalen

ISO 9001, ISO 17100 and ISO 27001 certified

Swearings and legalizations

Super fast and for the best price

Your translation in 3 easy steps

step 1

send us a scan of your documents by email

step 2

The translation is performed for you without delay

step 3

You will receive the translation by e-mail and if a sworn translation also the original by post or courier

legalisatie van uw farsi vertaling

Legalization of your Farsi translation

It is possible that your translation still needs to be legalized for the country where you want to use it. Not sure whether your document also needs to be legalized? Ask one of our translation consultants.

What our customers say

“The speed with which my case was done was amazing. Everything was sent by email and within a day it was translated back in my mailbox. Grandiose!!! ”


“The speed with which my case was done was amazing. Everything was sent by email and within a day it was translated back in my mailbox. Grandiose!!! ”


“The speed with which my case was done was amazing. Everything was sent by email and within a day it was translated back in my mailbox. Grandiose!!! ”


“The speed with which my case was done was amazing. Everything was sent by email and within a day it was translated back in my mailbox. Grandiose!!! ”



1927 customers rate us on average with a 9.5/10

More information

Choose a translator who knows Farsi and the various cultures

Have your document translated from or into Farsi

Of course, translating from or into Farsi does not always have to be sworn translation, it may be that you want something translated from or into Farsi for yourself. Think for example of a website, blog, folder or even a love letter. We only work with qualified and native Farsi translators who are happy to assist you.

Fast Farsi translation

The name says it all English translation agency Urgent Translate. Because we deal with English translations on a daily basis, whether sworn or regular, we have a large team of English translators on hand. Because our team of sworn English translators is so large and diverse, we can quickly provide your English translations at a competitive rate.

Your Farsi translation with 100% satisfaction guarantee

Because we carefully select the Farsi translator on the basis of your document, you are assured of a completely correct translation. Since we fully support the quality of our translations, we also dare to accept consequences if your Farsi translation is not correct. If you are not satisfied with your Farsi translation, you will simply get your money back!

Native speaker translators

A translation from Dutch into Farsi is always made by a translator with Farsi as mother tongue. All our translators are also in possession of a completed translation training at HBO level or higher.

For every jargon, an English translator

Every text is unique, which is why the type of text is carefully examined with every translation assignment. We take it for granted that there is always a native-speaker translator who has sufficient experience in your professional jargon to work on your translation. So there will never be one technical translator Dutch to Farsi, with a legal document to go to work. Partly because of this, you can rely on a good translation from Farsi into Dutch.

Specialized English Translators

As a translation agency, we provide Dutch Farsi translations on a daily basis, among other things: brochures, Curriculum vitae, letters and manuals. This is always carefully translated by one of our Farsi native-speaker translators. We are not only specialized in translations from Dutch to Farsi. Language combinations, such as Spanish into Farsi and English into Farsi, are also common at our Dutch Farsi translation agency.

An urgent translation, without an urgent surcharge

Many of our existing, but also new clients, such as government institutions, international companies and private individuals, have urgently need a translation of, for example, a diploma, deed, passport or application letter from or to Farsi. We, as the Farsi translation agency, offer you and our regular clients our fixed competitive rates, even without a so-called “urgency surcharge” on top of our rates.

The ease of legalization of Urgent Translate

Why choose Urgent Vertalen’s legalization service? You save a lot of time and effort. You do not have to take a day off to visit all the authorities. You do not have to make the journey to and from The Hague a number of times, you will save on your travel costs. Translation agency Urgent Vertalen is an expert in legalizing your documentation and is always aware of the latest legalization rules. You will therefore not be faced with unpleasant surprises at authorities. After your sworn translation is ready, we can immediately start with the entire legalization, so that the legalized document is ready faster. You will receive your documentation traceable. This way you know exactly when you will receive your legalized documents.

About Farsi: what matters in every translation

Farsi, also known as Persian, Parsi, Dari or Tojiki, is the official language of Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. Millions of people in Uzbekistan also speak this language. It is one of the oldest documented languages ​​in the world and the oldest known writings date from around 600 BC. ch. Old Persian was the first documented version, after which around 300 BC. ch. until the year 600 Middle Persian was used. This evolved version already had fairly large differences. From the 8th century, Persian began to develop into the language it is today. The language is characterized by an extraordinarily large number of Arabic words, up to about 50% coming from Arabic. Farsi is the collective name for all types of Persian and their associated dialects. The version spoken in Afghanistan is commonly referred to as Dari. If you want to translate a document from or to Farsi, research the following elements.

Know the various dialects of Farsi

The Dari dialect is the best known dialect. Compare Farsi vs Dari as Dutch vs Flemish. The differences are not very different from the differences we know with the dialect of our southern neighbors. Whether you have to take a dialect into account depends on the purpose of your translation.

Know the purpose of the translation

What is the purpose of your translation? Do you want to translate certain medical documents or do you need a translation for your stay in an area where people speak Farsi? What is the purpose of the translation? Suppose you want to translate certain documents for a trip to Iran, think in advance which documents are mandatory and which obligations they must meet. If it concerns official documents, choose a sworn translation. If you use the translation for your website or a local advertisement, for example, first assess who will read the translation.

Are you going to an area where people speak Farsi or do you just need a translation?

What do you want to achieve with your translation? Are you traveling to Iran or do you want to reach a target group that speaks Farsi from the Netherlands? In short, what is your goal? It is wise to pay attention to which dialect the recipient speaks when you have a translation made. The native speaker translator knows exactly what to take into account when making a translation of your text or document. Is the translation intended for Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan or Uzbekistan? Know in advance where the recipient comes from so that the translator can take this into account in the translation.

Explore the culture of Iran

Each country has its own culture, history, customs and habits. In the different areas where Farsi is spoken there are different customs and habits, we will mention a few. Take advantage of it when you communicate with people from a Farsi speaking area or go to one of the countries yourself, it indicates that you have prepared well. Iran, for example, uses a form of courtesy called “taarof”. You do not immediately accept an offer, but first decline it several times. The host repeats the offer several times and after a number of times you can let the host know to accept the offer by means of an extensive thank you. Business relationships are created on the basis of respect and a solid foundation in which people first get to know each other. Only when you know what kind of meat is in the proverbial tub, it is time for appointments. The first meeting is usually based on forming the relationship.

In line with this is Iran’s sensitivity to compliments and pleasantries. Always start a conversation with a compliment, that makes the whole thing a lot easier. Avoid showing shoe soles, as this is considered very disrespectful. There is a divided culture in Afghanistan. Certain areas have their own culture and customs. In the south, Pashtun culture predominates, with an emphasis on protecting the family, tribe, nation and honor. This can sometimes seem a bit hostile. In the north people are more relaxed and the culture is more focused on the Turkish and Iranian way of interacting with each other. Each tribe has its own customs. Tajikistan is very traditional. There are various local manners, partly based on the time when it was still Russian territory. The traces of this are not only visible in socio-cultural terms, but are also still present in the streets. Refined statues, stately office buildings and large theaters alternate with gray suburbs that look like concrete villages. In Uzbekistan has a separate way of greeting each other. Men shake hands, then place the left hand on their heart as a sign that the greeting comes from the heart. Vrouwen geven daarentegen elkaar een klopje op de rug of, wanneer men elkaar goed kent, raken ze elkaars wang aan.

A special custom in Uzbekistan is the worship of bread. Bread is sacred. Never lay it on the floor, never lay it down with the bottom up, or throw it away. If bread is offered to you, take at least a small piece and thank you with ‘amin’, the usual way of thanking. Both palms are raised above the face and moved down the cheeks in a slow motion. There are still many different customs and traditions in the countries where Farsi is the official language. If you are going to one of those countries and you need a translation of a document or text, consult the native speaker translator to make sure you use the correct courtesies in your text and in your actions.

kies voor een vertaler die het farsi en de diverse culturen kent
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