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Have your document translated quickly and economically? Choose the Swedish translation bureau Urgent Vertalen.

The official language of Sweden is Swedish. A Scandinavian language that is spoken by approximately 9 million people. Most Swedish speakers live in Sweden and another large group lives in Finland. Swedish is an official language in Finland, alongside Finnish. Swedish, Danish and Norwegian are largely mutually understandable. Swedes can in any case understand the written versions of all the languages. Are you intending to live or work in Sweden? Or do you need a translation for some other reason? Swedish translation bureau Urgent Vertalen will be pleased to translate all your documents from Swedish into Dutch or vice versa.

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Completely reliable. Strict security and confidentiality in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard applies to every translation job.

Strict security and confidentiality according to ISO 27001.
In addition to the Privacy Act (AVG), we have all signed a confidentiality agreement. Urgent Vertalen is one of the few translation agencies that, in addition to ISO 9001 quality management and ISO 17100 translation services, is also certified for the ISO 27001 information security standard. As a result, our processes meet very strict requirements on the basis of security, among other things, to provide extra protection for your documentation and data.

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Completely reliable. Strict secrecy according to ISO 27001 applies to every translation job.

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A certified Swedish translation for your official documents

A sworn translation from Swedish to Dutch or Dutch to Swedish is provided by a sworn translator at our Swedish translation agency. A sworn translator is in possession of a completed translation training at HBO level and is authorized to officially translate an official document such as a deed, diploma, Chamber of Commerce extract or birth certificate.

zweeds vertaalbureau

ISO 9001, ISO 17100 and ISO 27001 certified

Swearings and legalizations

Super fast and best price

Your translation in 3 easy steps

step 1

send us a scan of your documents by email

step 2

The translation is performed for you without delay

step 3

You will receive the translation by e-mail and if a sworn translation also the original by post or courier

een beedigde vertaling zweeds voor uw officiele documenten

Legalization of your Swedish translation

It can happen that your sworn Swedish translation will also need to be legalised for the country where you wish to use it. We have set out what is needed for a legalization on a country by country basis. Translation bureau Urgent Vertalen offers the service of having your sworn translation legalised. Our translation bureau is situated at a strategic location in The Hague, between all the bodies that have to be visited for your legalization. This means that we are able to perform the entire legalization for you at a low price.

What our customers say

“The speed with which my case was done was amazing. Everything was sent by email and within a day it was translated back in my mailbox. Grandiose!!! ”


“The speed with which my case was done was amazing. Everything was sent by email and within a day it was translated back in my mailbox. Grandiose!!! ”


“The speed with which my case was done was amazing. Everything was sent by email and within a day it was translated back in my mailbox. Grandiose!!! ”


“The speed with which my case was done was amazing. Everything was sent by email and within a day it was translated back in my mailbox. Grandiose!!! ”



1927 customers rate us on average with a 9.5/10

More information

Everything you need to know about Swedish translations

Translation bureau for Sweden in The Hague

Although you can outsource your assignment to us online, it is good to know that the Urgent Vertalen office is centrally located in The Hague. This does not make us just another Swedish translation bureau. The biggest advantage of our location is that we can provide fast translations for our customers and have them legalized. Some official documents need to be officially legalized. Because we are located in The Hague between important consulates, the Court of The Hague and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (CDC), we can quickly legalize official documents for you for a small fee.

A regular translation into or from Swedish

Naturally translations into or from Swedish do not always need to be sworn translations; it may be that you want something translated into or from Swedish for yourself. This might be for example a website, blog, leaflet, or even a love letter. We only work with qualified native speaker Swedish translators, who look forward to being of service to you.

A fast Swedish translation

The name says it all: Swedish language translation bureau Urgent vertalen. Because we perform Swedish translations on a daily basis, whether sworn or regular, we have an extensive team of Swedish translators at your service. Because our team of Swedish translators is so large and diverse we can perform your Swedish translation fast, at a highly competitive price.

Swedish translation bureau with 100% satisfaction guarantee

Because we select the translator carefully on the basis of your document you are assured of a completely accurate translation. Given that we fully guarantee the accuracy of our translation we are also prepared to accept the consequences if your translation should not be correct. If you are not satisfied with your translation then we will simply refund your money!

Native-speaker translators

We, as a Swedish translation agency, not only believe that our sworn translators must meet strict admission requirements. A translator from Dutch to Swedish and Swedish to Dutch, who is not sworn, should also have completed translation training at a minimum of HBO level and demonstrable experience.

A Swedish translator for every type of professional terminology

Every text is unique, so we look at the type of text involved in each translation assignment. We believe it is only right that a native speaker translator who possesses sufficient experience of your professional terminology should perform your translation. So a technical Dutch to Swedish translator will never be given a legal document to translate. This is one reason why you can depend on us to deliver a good translation between Swedish and Dutch.

Specialized Swedish translation experts

As a translation bureau we translate brochures, CVs, correspondence and handbooks on a daily basis. These translations are always performed carefully by one of our native speaker translators. We don’t just specialise in Dutch to Swedish translation. Our translation bureau also frequently handles other language combinations such as Spanish to Swedish or English to Swedish.

An urgent translation, with no urgency surcharge

Many of our new and existing clients, such as government bodies, international businesses and private individuals need an urgent translation of for example a diploma, deed, passport or job application into or from Swedish. As a Swedish language translation bureau we offer you and our existing clients our fixed competitive tariffs, with no additional so called “urgency surcharge”. Need a Swedish translation urgently? Although many other translation agencies charge an urgent rate if you want to receive the text quickly, you can always count on fast delivery with us. Without having to pay extra for it. Curious about the rate for your translation? Feel free to contact us or request a quote directly.

Urgent Vertalen’s legalization service

Why choose Urgent Vertalen’s legalization service? You save time and effort. You don’t need to take a day off work to visit the various official bodies. You do not have to make the journey to and from The Hague a number of times, you will save on your travel costs. Urgent Vertalen is an expert in the legalization of your documentation and is always up to speed on the latest rules relating to legalization. You will therefore not be faced with unpleasant surprises at authorities. After your sworn translation is ready, we can immediately start with the entire legalization, so that the legalized document is ready faster. The documentation will be sent to you in traceable form. This way you will know precisely when you can expect to receive your legalised documents.

About the Swedish language and Sweden

What are the origins of Swedish? Old Norwegian formed the basis of the modern Swedish language, and this is where the development of Swedish began. Old Norwegian was widely spoken by Vikings in Scandinavia during the 8th century. Eventually the language divided into an Eastern and a Western version. The Eastern version of the language comprised today’s Swedish and Danish and over time these languages became further divided. The Dutch language has had a lot of influence on Swedish.

The Dutch influence on Swedish

Dutch and Low German have had an extensive influence on the Swedish language. Above all in the middle ages, due to trade within the Hanseatic League and the Swedish Golden Era. In 1611 Gustaaf ll Adolfs was crowned King of Sweden, after which he carried out extensive reforms within the Swedish army and brought in a large number of mercenaries from the Dutch Republic. Besides the mercenaries many merchants from this area travelled to Sweden. They contributed to Sweden’s economy and its culture. The Dutch played a major role in building up the city of Göteborg. They exercised a great deal of influence and drew up the city plan. A number of Dutch people sat on the city council and the Mayor was Dutch, Jakob van Dijck. Dutch became recognised as an official language in Sweden, naturally alongside Swedish. The effect of this Dutch influence on Swedish is that the vocabulary contains a variety of Dutch words, particularly those relating to navigation. A number of other words were borrowed from Dutch, such as bankier (banker), geweer (gun), gracht (canal), vowel and afnemer (customer).

Outsourcing Swedish translations to Urgent Vertalen: about our working method

You can easily outsource your translation to translation bureau Urgent Vertalen. You can easily request a quote for your order via our site. We would like to receive a photo or a scan of your documents, so that we can make an accurate estimate of the work to be translated. You will then receive a tailor-made quote with a rate that is tailored to the time it takes the translator to translate the document for you. After you have confirmed the order, we select the translator that best suits your document. We are known for our fast delivery time. Do you need the translation urgently? No problem. We do everything we can to meet your deadline! We always send you a sworn translation by post and digitally. To ensure that you receive the paper version on time, you can also opt for the express delivery option.

Swedish translation bureau with legalization service

Do you need a sworn Swedish translation? Not every translator is allowed and able to provide this. To make a translation an official document, the translation must be signed and stamped by a sworn translator. Sworn translators are specially sworn in by the court to provide this type of translation. In addition, some documents must be officially recognized and legalized by a judicial authority. As a Swedish translation agency, we have several Swedish translators working for us, including sworn Swedish translators. In addition, in The Hague we are centrally located between the courts that can legalize the translation, so that the translation is officially recognised. It is always advisable to consult whether you need a certified, legalized version of your document. Urgent Vertalen is the proud owner of three ISO certificates. These ISO certificates stand for the confidentiality and quality of our work. Our customers entrust us with valuable, important documents containing sensitive information. As a team, we do everything we can to work discreetly and continuously monitor and optimize these processes. In order to receive and maintain the ISO certificates, strict requirements are imposed on translation agencies. Our discreet working method is an important value for us as a Swedish translation agency and is something to which a lot of attention is paid.

Who writes our Swedish translations?

Urgent Vertalen works with several Swedish translators who are also native in this language and who also have a diploma at a minimum HBO level as a translator. We believe it is important to deliver high-quality work to our clients and therefore set a number of fixed criteria for our translators before they start working for us. In addition to a diploma, our translators follow various courses every year to keep up to date and are expected to closely follow developments within the profession and the language. Daarnaast zijn ze gespecialiseerd in desbetreffende sector van het type document dat ze vertalen. Because they have in-depth knowledge of the legal, financial or medical sector, they understand the background of the document and can correctly convert the content including terms and abbreviations into Swedish.

How do we, as a Swedish translation agency, select a suitable translator for your assignment?

Your text will always be translated by a recognized, certified Swedish translator who specializes in the type of document you have us translate. We always look for the best match and look at various factors that are important for a good translation. Think of the type of document, but also whether it should be a sworn translation. We link your assignment to the translator who best suits it to guarantee the quality of the result.

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