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    Are you looking for a translation bureau in Rotterdam? 36.8% lower rates on average and 48.7% faster delivery in comparison to other translation agencies. We deliver translations for companies and private individuals in this beautiful city on a daily basis. Every day, our certified translators translate official documents for companies from the port area, multinationals, law firms and other large businesses located in Rotterdam, that are looking for a secure, professional and fast translation of their documents. Our team of professional translators can translate your documents from and into more than 32 different languages. Get to know Rotterdam’s leading translation bureau better below.

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    17/07/2024 Veronica, Amsterdam

    “I have had a great experience with this service. I needed a sworn translation of my diplomas and it was done perfectly in 24 hours.”

    16/07/2024 Theo, Zutphen

    “snel, goede kwaliteit vertaling en klantgericht”

    15/07/2024 Jan, Sint Maartensdijk

    “Zeer snelle en goede communicatie, heel makkelijk bereikbaar, kwalitatief zeer goed”

    15/07/2024 Hanna Ekimova, Ridderkerk

    “Deskundig en snel”

    15/07/2024 Anneke Van Hillo, Veenendaal

    “Ik ben supergoed geholpen.aardige meneer en snelle service dank hiervoor”


    Completely reliable. Strict security and confidentiality in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard applies to every translation job.

    Strict security and confidentiality according to ISO 27001.
    In addition to the Privacy Act (AVG), we have all signed a confidentiality agreement. Urgent Vertalen is one of the few translation agencies that, in addition to ISO 9001 quality management and ISO 17100 translation services, is also certified for the ISO 27001 information security standard. As a result, our processes meet very strict requirements on the basis of security, among other things, to provide extra protection for your documentation and data.

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    Completely reliable. Strict secrecy according to ISO 27001 applies to every translation job.

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    Urgent Vertalen is the leading translation bureau for companies located in Rotterdam

    Are you looking for a sound translation of your texts? Urgent Vertalen is the leading translation bureau for Rotterdam and the Rotterdam region. Our qualified and sworn translators are able to provide sworn and regular translations of a variety of informal and formal texts within a short time frame. Our clients from Rotterdam appreciate our fast delivery and error-free translations that seamlessly match the tone of voice and content of the original documents. With our translation bureau you can always count on a competitive rate, fast delivery time, secure working methods and high quality. If you would like to outsource your translation to a professional translation bureau to your complete satisfaction, request your quote now below!

    rotterdam translation bureau

    ISO 9001, ISO 17100 and ISO 27001 certified

    Professional sworn translations and legalizations

    Fast, reliable and at the best price

    Your translation in 3 easy steps

    step 1

    Send us the text that needs to be translated per email, in Word or PDF format, or send us a scan or picture.

    step 2

    Your translation will be quickly made for you by a professional (sworn) translator.

    step 3

    You will receive your translation by email and, in case you requested a sworn translation, also by direct mail or courier.

    Urgent Vertalen is the leading translation bureau for businesses located in Rotterdam

    Having your financial, legal, medical and other texts translated

    Our clients from Rotterdam trust us with the translation of various unofficial and official documents, where we pay close attention to the quality of the translation. Our translators are not only qualified, but also have knowledge of the topics and backgrond of the various documents. This allows us to accurately translate information and terms from the text into the target language and no message is lost in this information transfer. Documents that we translate on a regular basis for our clients include: Deeds, Bank guarantees, Evidence from legal cases, Certificates, Contracts, Summons, Diplomas, Certificates, Patents, Agreements, Articles of Association, Wills, Marriage certificates, Inheritance law declarations, Declarations of Good Conduct (VOG), Judgments. And of course you can also contact us for other types of document translations. Are you curious about the costs for your translation?

    What our clients are saying

    “Urgent Vertalen occasionally translates tender and quotation texts for us for French and English quotations that we draw up for our customers. Every time they do it spot-on, on all fronts. Urgent Vertalen is fast, flexible, good and they think along with me.”


    “We quickly received a quote for the pages we wanted translated and immediately received a response when some things needed to be changed. Due to urgency, the documents were sent with DHL Express and we already received them the next day! That was really nice.”


    “They are super fast and professional. They helped me with some extra information and have a handy online system for signing quotes. Everything went super fast and smoothly and I received the translations within a few days. Absolutely perfect!”


    “I have already had documents translated at Urgent Vertalen twice. They are really nice and available. The documents are quickly translated and sent to my home.”

    Romana Fasoli


    Rated 9.6/10 on average by our 2200+ clients

    Meer informatie

    Everything you need to know about the translation services we provide in and around Rotterdam.

    A professional translator in Rotterdam for every type of text

    Urgent Vertalen works exclusively with qualified translators who have completed a higher professional education (hbo) or higher in this field of expertise. In addition, each translator has their own specialization. This means that they have a background in domains for which it is important to have expert knowledge of the subject of a text/document. Consider legal, financial and medical texts that must be translated into the target language correctly, with use of the correct terminology and professional jargon. In addition, all translators continue to develop their skills and knowledge by taking several courses every year to stay up to date.

    Our team of professional, certified and sworn translators

    Do you need a sworn translation of your document? Are your documents not written in Dutch, but are they intended for official use in the Netherlands? If that is the case, it is almost always necessary to have your documents sworn translated into Dutch. Are the documents intended for use outside the Netherlands? Then we would like to know for which country and in which language combination you need a sworn translation. If you need a sworn translation  of, for example, your diploma, list of grades, contract or birth certificate, a sworn translator must take care of the translation. A sworn translator is sworn by the court for one or more specific language combinations. We have a specialized sworn translator available for all language combinations for the translation of your documents at any location.

    How does Urgent Vertalen select the right translator for your specific translation job?

    As soon as we receive your translation assignment, we select a (sworn) translator from our team with the matching knowledge, skill set and experience in the jargon and style of your document or text. We assign a translator who is native speaking in the target language and look for a match based on additional criteria to ensure the quality of your translation. When selecting, we look at the type of document you want us to translate and also whether it needs to be a sworn translation. If necessary, we assign your translation to a sworn translator who has knowledge of the subject of the text. By looking for a match in various areas, we are able to guarantee the quality of your translation.

    3 ISO certificates

    Urgent Vertalen is the proud owner of several ISO certificates that guarantee and monitor the quality, accuracy and confidentiality of our work. We are one of the few translation bureaus in the Netherlands with three ISO certificates. Every day, our work and processes are designed to earn and maintain these certificates. They reflect the quality of our work and the compliance of our working methods with the strict international standards that the ISO certificates set for the quality and reliability of our work.

    Get to know the benefits of Urgent Translation

    Translation usually within 24 hours + Sworn translations + Legalized translations + Money back guarantee + 100% satisfaction guarantee + 1400 positive reviews on Kiyoh + Express translations without a rush fee + 36% lower rates on average + One of the few translation bureaus in the Netherlands with 3 ISO certificates. Secured, quality guaranteed, recognized.

    Translations into and from 32 different languages

    Urgent Vertalen is able to deliver (sworn) translations to and from 32 different languages. We can count on a broad team of various native speaking translators. Not only do they have a native background, they are also certified and sworn to translate official documents into the target language. You can rely on the Rotterdam translation bureau of Urgent Vertalen for translations to and from the following languages:

    Which Rotterdam clients preceded you?

    We work for large and small companies located in Rotterdam on a regular basis. Our client list includes governments, multinationals and port companies that do business with international partners and require the translation of important documents and contracts. But we are also hired by foreign companies that want to enter into a partnership with companies based in Rotterdam or that want to establish themselves in Rotterdam.

    Located in Rotterdam and in urgent need of a professional translation?

    Are you located in Rotterdam and in urgent need of a professional translation? The professional translators of Urgent Vertalen are often able to deliver your translation within just 24 hours. Although other translation agencies often charge additional fees for express translations, we always strive for a fast delivery time at a competitive rate without charging those so-called ‘rush fees’. We offer 36% lower rates on average than our competitors and adjust our translation rate to the length and content of your original document(s). We take into account how much time our translator will need for the translation. Because this rate is customized to your needs, you will never pay too much for the assignments you entrust to us. Are you urgently looking for professional translation services? Contact us obligation-free for more information, or scan your documents right now and receive a quote and the exepected delivery time of your translation. After you approve the quote, we will immediately get to work for you and make sure that you will receive your translation asap! We will send you the translation per email and, in case of a sworn translation, also as a hard copy by direct mail.

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