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Having a will easily translated into Dutch or any other foreign language with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

A will is basically drawn up to settle matters neatly and entirely according to wishes after someone’s death. Without specialist knowledge, deciphering a will is quite a job. Let alone if this is written in a foreign language. Our specialists accurately translate your official documents into Dutch, or into any other language, in order to honor the last wishes of the deceased. A place of residence or various foreign properties, whatever the reason for the will in the foreign language, different legislation often applies. That is why our sworn translators, in addition to a talent for language, also have all the necessary knowledge regarding regulations. The translation is therefore carried out in a sworn manner and is immediately suitable for legalization.

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02/03/2024 Radha, Driebergen

“Snelle service en professioneel.”

01/03/2024 René, Volkel

“Zeer tevreden”

01/03/2024 Susan, The Hague

“Great service - quick to respond by email and phone, gave advice on legalization, provided within the time promised. Recommend to email for a quotati”

01/03/2024 Edwin Lempers, Voorschoten

“Erg goed”

01/03/2024 Gerjo, Molenaar

“Ik werd doorverwezen door een notariskantoor. Het is 'Urgent Vertalen' in een korte tijd gelukt om gelegaliseerde documenten te vertalen. Het contact”


Completely reliable. Strict security and confidentiality in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard applies to every translation job.

Strict security and confidentiality according to ISO 27001.
In addition to the Privacy Act (AVG), we have all signed a confidentiality agreement. Urgent Vertalen is one of the few translation agencies that, in addition to ISO 9001 quality management and ISO 17100 translation services, is also certified for the ISO 27001 information security standard. As a result, our processes meet very strict requirements on the basis of security, among other things, to provide extra protection for your documentation and data.


Completely reliable. Strict secrecy according to ISO 27001 applies to every translation job.

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Having a will translated by translation bureau Urgent Vertalen

Translation agency Urgent Vertalen has an extensive network of sworn and unsworn native-speaker translators. All our translators have a completed HBO diploma or higher. And many are obliged to follow courses every year to keep up with changes in the language. In addition, our sworn translators have taken the oath in court. More information about our sworn translations can be found on our website under sworn translations. We translate wills for our clients every day, to their complete satisfaction. Large and small companies, but also many private individuals preceded you. In addition, we know that your contract may contain confidential information. We therefore find it very important that your documents are treated confidentially. If desired, we are prepared to sign a confidentiality agreement drawn up by you, in addition to our privacy statement  and general terms and conditions.

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ISO 9001, ISO 17100 and ISO 27001 certified

Professional sworn translations and legalizations

Fast, reliable and at the best price

Your translation in 3 easy steps

step 1

Send us the text that needs to be translated per email, in Word or PDF format, or send us a scan or picture.

step 2

Your translation will be quickly made for you by a professional (sworn) translator.

step 3

You will receive your translation by email and, in case you requested a sworn translation, also by direct mail or courier.

express translation of your will without a rush fee

Express translation of your will without a ‘rush fee’

You need an express translation of your will. Many translation agencies charge a rush fee for the delivery of express translations. Translation bureau Urgent Vertalen does not charge such fees. With us translation bureau  you can always count on competitive rates, perfect quality and fast delivery of every translation. So if you urgently need a translation of your will, don’t hesitate and contact  us as soon as possible.

What our clients are saying

“Urgent Vertalen occasionally translates tender and quotation texts for us for French and English quotations that we draw up for our customers. Every time they do it spot-on, on all fronts. Urgent Vertalen is fast, flexible, good and they think along with me.”


“We quickly received a quote for the pages we wanted translated and immediately received a response when some things needed to be changed. Due to urgency, the documents were sent with DHL Express and we already received them the next day! That was really nice.”


“They are super fast and professional. They helped me with some extra information and have a handy online system for signing quotes. Everything went super fast and smoothly and I received the translations within a few days. Absolutely perfect!”


“I have already had documents translated at Urgent Vertalen twice. They are really nice and available. The documents are quickly translated and sent to my home.”

Romana Fasoli


Rated 9.6/10 on average by our 2200+ clients

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Having your will translated, what do you need to know?

Having your document translated at a competitive rate

Would you like to have your will translated by native speaking translators, at a competitive rate  and without any loss of quality? We are open and honest. That is why we offer you the opportunity to request an indication of the expected costs for translating your will.

Having a will sworn translated

If your will requires a sworn translation, we will draw up a nonbinding quote based on the time the translator will most likely spend on the translation of said will. Since most wills are unique, we think it is only fair that you pay for the translation of your particular will instead of requiring payment based on an ‘average sized-will’. This way you never pay more than necessary, which we think is fair. In that case, have your will translated today by leading translation bureau Urgent Vertalen.

It is possible to have your will translated in all language combinations

At translation bureau Urgent Vertalen you can have your will and any other document translated into any language you want. We translate wills from and to languages on a daily basis, including Dutch, EnglishSpanishItalianFrench  and German. Of course, it is also possible to have your will translated from or into one of the many languages outside of Europe, such as JapaneseArabic  and Indonesian.

The ease of legalization at Urgent Vertalen

Why select Urgent Vertalen’s legalization service? To save yourself time and trouble. No need to take time off to go to all the authorities. You do not have to make the journey to and from The Hague a number of times, you will save on your travel costs. Translation bureau Urgent Vertalen is an expert in the legalization of your documentation and is always up-to-date on the latest legalization rules. You will therefore not be faced with unpleasant surprises at authorities. After your sworn translation is ready, we can immediately start with the entire legalization, so that the legalized document is ready faster. Your documentation will be sent to you, track & trace included. That way you know exactly when you can expect your legalized documentation.

Receive a non-binding quote from translation bureau Urgent Vertalen

If you want a non-binding quote for your translation, click on the quote button below or send an email to Please send us your documents (all formats are welcome) including your name, phone number and of course the target language of your translation. After receipt of your document(s), we will contact you as soon as possible for a non-binding quote.

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